Champion Cause-related Marketing

Last Sunday was a painful day for us Dutch. At least, the part of the country that has followed the women’s football world championship and encouraged our Dutch women’s national team (AKA: the orange lionesses.) Yet there is still a champion besides the American women’s team. A champion ‘Cause-related Marketing’.

I'm talking about Nike

The video above speaks for itself. The message has a strong impact. Short and very powerful with all the ingredients for a decent commercial. The video was posted just after the win of the American women’s football team and has already been viewed 4,756,591 on Facebook and shared 97,000 times on Twitter.

Nike already has a reputation for bringing social issues to attention. Recently the brand was the talk of the town, because they had placed ‘plus-size’ mannequins in their stores. It leads to a discussion about topics that deserve attention, but do not receive the latter enough. Partly as a result of this, the brand is not loved by everyone, but it does get the discussion going and that puts the brand in the spotlight.

Two birds tackled with one stone!

This is Cause-related Marketing in action

This is Cause-related Marketing in action. For the people, who aren’t familiar with the term. Cause-related Marketing is Marketing with a social or social “addition”. As with Cause Marketing, there is much to discuss about the ethics of these forms of marketing, but I take my hat off for how Nike has dealt with it so far.

Although with a corporate like Nike it is of course always about the “bottom line”, they know how to bring social issues to the attention. Even if it does not have a positive effect on that “bottom-line”, as the Kaepernick campaign (which had a negative effect on the stock market) showed, the brand still comes up with a new initiative.

Good example makes good follow

At least, I hope so. Cause-related Marketing initiatives are not just for big corporates in the world. Your company or organization can also work on financial objectives through a campaign and at the same time highlight a social or social topic.

Before you begin, there are things that you should take into consideration. This includes ethical issues and the question of whether the subject fits your primary target group. On this blog I will come back to this and if you want to discuss it, then you are cordially invited to contact us.

Don’t let this stop you from thinking about how your organization can make a social contribution and can contribute to positive changes in the world. As far as I am concerned there cannot be enough of these kinds of initiatives.

In Nike’s words: “Just do It”