How well do you know yourself?

How well do you know yourself?

We all have different glasses with which we look at the world, with which we judge others and with which we look to the future

Your glasses

We call that a frame of reference. It is called core beliefs in psychology. When you grow up you develop a pair of glasses through which you view the world. Your experiences teach you information about other people, about yourself and about the future. Have you had a lot of people around you that supported you? Have you been seen by others or did you have to fight for some trust and support? Was there attention for you? Or did you grow up in an environment where you mainly had to take care of others? All the things you experience form your glasses.

Your glasses determine how quickly you trust others and how you see yourself. Are you someone who often sees the best in someone? Or are you warier? Are you someone who is confident in nature? Or do you find it difficult to believe in yourself? Are you someone who thinks brightly about the future? Or do you sometimes catch yourself thinking disastrously?
How well do you know how your glasses work? Are you aware of your blind spots? And do you know how to find out how other peoples glasses work? Are our glasses still well adjusted or are you often too critical for yourself?

Your story

I believe we all have a story about why we started thinking the way we do. Our core beliefs are often helpful, but sometimes it is counterproductive. If you are more aware of your own beliefs then you can grow!
I believe it can help you adjust your glasses to get the best out of yourself. That way there is nothing to stand in the way of facing the world with your story..

Have you become curious about ways to get to know yourself even more?
At OM campaign company we organize online and offline activities to get to know yourself better and to present your best version to the world.

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