The magic of your story

The magic of your story

In a previous article, Madelein already wrote something about how you can meet the world with your story. I would like to go into a little deeper and discuss with you how your story can help, when you run a campaign. Your story has magic and I’ll explain why.

Ieder een eigen verhaal

Everyone has his or her own story. Not everyone acknowledges this, but every day of our lives we experience things that form our story. Some things we remember very well and other events pocket deep down in our subconscious, but everything we experience contributes to the person we are already today and will be tomorrow. It forms our stories.

By sharing your story, you evoke emotions in your audience. David JP Phillips explains how that is scientifically in his work. Sharing your story also has another side. It makes you accessible to others. In some cases, people will respond with recognition, and in other cases it simply shows them that you are human. Something that is not an unnecessary luxury in both politics and the business world.

One of my most used statements in my work is:

“people make connections with people, then with brands, products and services”

By opening yourself up, telling your story and showing yourself as a person, you make it easier for others to make a connection.

Mensen houden van verhalen

But how do you do that? Sharing that story? It is actually not that difficult. Whether you are socially active or politically

Framing als campagnewapen

I could still write for hours about what was a representation of British reality. That by the real cause, which underlies the problems in the lower layers of British society, to appoint the outcome had been quite different, but that is not the message of this blog.

What I want to show, is that camp leave has made use of “framing” very clevery (but not ethically responsible.) Simple messages, which on the prevailing emotion has created a sense of hope among this target group. That they would be able to plunge British society into a crisis which, if they do not pay attention to it, would not be known as “side-matter”. The sour is that just the group, hoping to improve their situation, is the biggest victim of the situation to be threatening.

It has proved to be an uncivilised war, in which framing has been the greatest weapon.