what it is and how you can register your organization


"We can't help everyone,
but everyone
can help someone."

-Ronald Reagan

We’ve experienced that it’s often the small, sometimes starting, non-profit organizations, which could benefit from a campaign training, social media training or other training that suits their goals. For example think of recruiting volunteers, or simply finding sponsors or donators.

That is why we have devised the OM Pays it forward programme. Every month we help an organization by giving a training, without any costs involved. A part of the day we will be working with them to make their goals feasible.

Below we explain how this will work and how you can report your organization.

How we will work together

Fill in the form below. At the end of every second week of the month we choose an organization at random from the registrations we have received. We then contact that organisation to set a date for an introduction and discuss the best way to work together the following month.
Introduction & Audit
During the introductory meeting we also discuss objectives and wishes in order to clarify the desired "take-away" of the training, and based on the information obtained we conduct a small audit to see where the organization currently stands against those objectives.
The Training
On a chosen date the training will take place during which we will work together to show you how the objectives can be achieved. Should there be any questions after the training we are always happy to help answer them.

The Registration Form

  • I.e. Social Media, volunteer recruitment etc.
  • Any questions and/or remarks can be left here.
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Do you have questions? We are here to answer them.