What others think of you…

…. is not your business. That is what you’re told and raised with as a child. However, if you have your own business, want to reach a social goal or are politically active, that is of course a whole different cake.


The digital, wild fire

Opinion and especially public opinion have always been important, but never as important as now. Where in the past opinions were shared among each other, nowadays you can share your opinion with millions of people.

Digital developments have meant that a dissatisfied customer can leave a review on, among other platforms, Google and everyone has the space on social media to express his or her opinion about social issues. A blog about a politician is, today, written super fast and can spread like wildfire through various digital channels.

Opinion Matters

It will not have escaped your notice that when choosing our name we opted for OM, which stands for Opinion Matters and is twofold. On one had it stands for ”opinion is important”, which I have explained above. On the other hand, it sheds light on what we do.

We help people and companies to influence public opinion by providing training, advice and support in the field of commercial, social and political campaigning.

So everything revolves around campaigns and a campaign is nothing more or less than a conversation with the public to ultimately influence opinion and thereby change behavior.

You can read why we chose for this adventure here.

From campaign to opinion

A campaign is nothing more or less than an ongoing conversation with the right people, which must lead to their opinion being influenced and they take action.

It sounds very simple, but although we think that every campaign is an exciting challenge that we start with great enthusiasm and energy, it is hard work and it is business knowledge, experience, perseverance and creativity that weigh heavily in the final result to be achieved

#Campaignhero, what would you want to change?

I will be ending this blog post with a question for you. A good campaign will eventually lead to change, that (if all goes well) improves slightly. A marketing campaign should lead to a company selling more and increasing sales A social campaign can be an awareness of climate change and influence people to make less use of their car, for example. A political campaign should lead to a candidate or party receiving support, in the form of voting behavior, from the public.

My question for you is: For what would you want to campaign? What would you want to change and make better?

Do you know the answer to these questions, let me know on social media with the hashtag #campaignhero. I’m very interested as to your ideas.

Especially keep an eye on this blog or follow us on Social Media to stay up to date with all the campaign tips we will share with you.