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Whether it is a Commercial, or social campaign As long as the aim is to create a positive impact on a social level, we are happy to help you realise the objective by giving advice and/or bespoke training.

Training 95%
Campagne Management 70%
Communicatie 85%
Personal Development 75%
Social & Cause Marketing 80%
Strategie 90%

Our services

Campaigns & Advice

We love the challenges that new campaigns offer. We’ll work together with you to shape the story of your campaign, so that you reach the right people and achieve your goals. At the same time, we are very honest in our advice to you. Every project we take on is carefully evaluated to ensure we can offer the right kind of partnership for it to be a success. We have a preference for campaigns which, in addition to any commercial objectives, have a positive impact on society as well.


From social to commercial, online and offline, and for groups as well as individuals. We give training sessions that motivate, inspire and leave the audience with energy and an “I can do this” mentality. We don’t only present superficial theories, but also share our own practical experience and tips to bring each campaign to a successful conclusion.

Online Campaign

An online campaign needs a good supporting visual communication strategy. A website is the heart of an online campaign machine and the digital representation of a company or organization. Could your website benefit from a professional audit or “revamp”, or do you perhaps need a brand new website or landing page? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! We combine the latest in user experience, visual design and communication strategy to create result-oriented websites and landing pages.

And then this...



Not everyone has the time or budget to attend a live training. At the same time we would like to offer everyone who wants to learn about campaigning the opportunity to do so. OM Campaign Lab is an online platform where you can take different courses to start creating a positive change yourself.

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