we are and with whom we work


Venita Dada-Anthonij

Founding Partner - Campaign Strategy, Marketing & Reputation Management

Mohammed Saiah

Founding Partner - Storytelling, Public Relations & Digital Marketing
It started with a campaign
The pursuit of our ideals brought us together and the positive energy from working together on a good political campaign motivated us to join forces.
Everyone has a unique story that forms the basis for the pursuit of ideals. This inspired us to use our shared experiences and qualities, combined with a healthy dose of creativity, to offer everyone who wants to the opportunity to shape his or her story and thereby create change.
We enjoy working with those heroes who are not afraid to convert their story into action, thereby improving their environment and the world around them.
"Heroes are for us those are people who act sincerely, dare to speak out about what they believe in and in so doing, make an impact, influence opinion in a positive manner and bring about change to their surroundings and make the world a better place."

We happily work together with...

Wallaart & Kusse Public Affairs

WKPA was founded for a beter world and believes that fair lobbying contributes to that. It is thus the first agency in the Netherlands with a clear vision on fair lobbying.

Government, political and public debate offer great opportunities. WKPA helps its clients to be successful in those areas, by providing services such as research, advice, support, training and coaching.

Madelein van Woerkom

Madelein is a psychologist of profession and works in a big institution in Utrecht. She combines psychology with her other great love, politics! At a young age, she became a council member for a local party and she discovered the power of campaigning. Later she led the Utrecht municipal Campaign for a political party.

For OM she combines her two passions and brings her psychological insight to train and coach campaign heroes.


... and we are happy to work with you if you want to bring about positive change.